Things You Can Do For Ferguson:


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Click here to support Help Logan get life changing surgery! by Logan James Starr


Yo please help out my broseph :<

Can we please Help this young man? He is very close to my brother.

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Queuerious Things


Back in the day when times were rough and people didn’t last nearly as long they would indulge in postmortem photography. It’s just as eerie and bizarre as it sounds. The concept of a Victorian-esque portrait in the same manner of the undead—aha, see what I did there?
This is available as a shirt, pullover sweater, print, or tote bag exclusively over at Deadhead Society — home of one of a kind zombie themed apparel and accessories, come check us out!

Hey guys! Check out these New artists who just opened up this sick ass shop!

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Zombie Art shop Fashion Illustration New




Wouldn’t they look so nice as a front porch or balcony decoration? I can’t wait to tell my Grandma about these!

Actually the cutest idea!

Love this. Might run to an antique shop to grab some.

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Queuerious Things



by JooJoo

what lovely noots

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No Sew:

Some Sewing:

Bleach, Markers and Tie Dye

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Queuerious Things

Pensive Ludwig II appreciation post

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Queuerious Things

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